My fitness philosophy

My Fitness History and Philosophy

A bit about what to expect when you work with me.

In 2007, I started Babes on the Run Personal Training in Perth as an antidote to the impersonal and ineffective cardio classes targeting women. 

In 2016, after trying to work around an undiagnosed chronic illness my son has had for many years, I closed the business and began working from home. I now focus on bespoke private training plus building my online fitness and education programs. 

I promote evidence-based information that actually improves your fitness, fat loss and health.  I give my clients the knowledge and the resources to make informed choices – not emotional ones based on marketing campaigns.

This site deliberately focuses on images of strong women – but there is no one perfect size or shape for females. And nor should there be. But I want women to see strength as aspirational and motivating. I want women to be in photos and to say YES’ to more things that physically challenge them.

I don’t believe in band-aid approaches because having seen the transformation of women who make small lifestyle changes and train sustainably and consistently; I don’t believe a four week or 12-week program is worth it. The only short-term programs you can get from me are shake-ups’ to your current regime, new ideas and new focuses.

I do believe in muscle.  And that building physical strength lays the foundation in creating a mindset focused on gains, instead of loss and deprivation. Are you ready for a new approach?

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What To Expect

What you'll find on the site

And what you'll get from me...

What you won’t find on this site:

A lot of me. Because it’s not about me or about being me or doing what I do. This is about you. I don’t toot my horn when you get results because I didn’t get them. YOU did. You picked up the weights, made the time to prepare and shop and worked out. YOU got results. I was lucky enough that you chose to work with me – not vice versa.

Before and after photos. Here’s a little secret for you – you will lose weight, sculpt and define your body on ANY program **you commit to and stick to**. You can enjoy results too but comparison is the thief of joy, and I won’t do it to you or my other clients. Shame as a method to motivate is one of the least successful ways of getting and keeping clients engaged with exercise. It causes stress and an increased likelihood of repeating self-sabotaging behaviour to deal with it. Success is creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by overcoming obstacles. Success is lifting more, enjoying what you do, participating and feeling good. Yes, you’ll lose weight, but your mindset will completely shift if you were walking into your training session focused on lifting more vs. losing weight.

Rules. There’s no such thing. To date, there hasn’t been a single clinical trial of any diet plan that shows it ‘works’. What works is looking after yourself, and getting both macro and micronutrients from a wide range of food sources. Guilt, avoidance and deprivation aren’t necessary. They are SALES TOOLS designed to get you to buy a book, product or a method. You deserve better than that.

ALL OR NOTHING. Horseshit. If you can see yourself training 2-3 times per week in 12 months time – do that. Don’t burn out. Don’t go hard or fast. Missing a workout doesn’t mean you failed, it means punishing yourself as a method to get results is not sustainable, enjoyable or efficient. So don’t expect that.


What you WILL get from me: 

I will keep you accountable, and I will push you. If I had a dollar for every woman I’ve trained who has told me she can’t do something, and then does exactly what she told me she couldn’t, I would be very wealthy. I’ll cut you a deal – I will not ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. In return, you agree to try everything and anything I throw at you at least a few times.

Tough love. It’s not weight loss that changes lives. It’s the knowledge you can do a pull-up because you have the strength and capability to do this. It’s setting a plan into motion, and following through step-by-step to reach your goal. It’s understanding your real power. And yes, ‘weight’ loss is a positive side effect but why make it your primary focus when you have so many other fun things to focus on?

Facts and honesty. The fitness and weight loss industries are so persuasive. I want you to understand how it all works and who benefits from the ideas you’re sold – it’s certainly not the majority of my clients. As a consumer, if you don’t demand change, you’ll still be trying to lose weight 20 years from now. I will publish articles that help you to understand what works, why and how it works so you can make informed decisions.

Things I love – I do use affiliate links – but not all the time and ONLY for products I stand behind. In the Creatine article, there are links to some products I believe are great. However, I stand to make more money from the dodgy ones as they are always more expensive (especially if they are marketed towards women). I do all the research, writing and behind the scenes work, so every small sale supports this website and the work I do.

I also spend an inordinate amount of time on programs – I love training. I bloody love it. All of the programs I sell are balanced – you can’t just focus on big muscle groups. I want you to train long term, so you need to do a lot of different things both for interest and to stay healthy. Plus, above all, I want you to love it as much as I do.

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