Affiliate Disclosure

Your Support Helps Me Get Paid

Affiliate Disclosure

This is a for-(meagre)profit blog and fitness site. That pretty much means that  ads or products on the site may make me a little money.

I love writing and contributing to bettering the fitness community so I am happy to host approved ads and affiliate links from vendors that I love here in order to pay for incidentals. Soon, I may have enough to buy myself a latte…

I work from home and care for son’s medical needs. I don’t want this to be a sympathy story – he’s sick and needs a full-time carer so I’m it.  I do boot camps from home and I write – and that’s all I can manage.  Any additional money made on this site (profit) helps me contribute to my family and our upkeep.

Above all, I want this site to be a place of integrity and transparency so you can have a trusted ‘safe’ space for fitness and health information. This is what you can expect from me.

Fluid Ethics.  No.  We reference facts only (basic science) in order to help clients find the products and services they need. I just had the experience with Jillian Michaels selling out for profit and it made me feel dirty.  I don’t want to have that effect on you.

I will:

Only offer genuine reviews, information and advice for companies or products I believe fit well with our values and can offer something of substance to our clients.

I will:

Be transparent about when I use an affiliate/referral link to endorse a product that I love. That means that sometimes when you click on a link and purchase a product I recommend, I might get some credit or make  few cents.

At this stage, I do all the research, create the graphics, edit, SEO and market everything from home. Your support makes this possible – thanks so much.  Let us know if there’s a topic you’d like covered because I do this for you, too.  xxx

This policy is valid for and may be changed at any time, without notice.  This policy is not retroactive and changes and/or additions may be made to this policy without being noted in the text.

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