Group Training 

Very Small Group Training

Maximum class size of 3 participants. Training is modified to suit individual needs and fitness levels. 

Mornings only. 5.45am Monday and Friday. Riley Road, Dalkeith.

Mums + Bubs Small Groups

Babies, toddlers and children welcome at sessions - we provide supervision while they're here. 

Friday 9.30am. Mason Gardens, Dalkeith. Bookings below. 

What is

Small Group Training

I take very small groups of women through circuits and weights with a focus on strength and HIIT training in Dalkeith, WA. I prefer to work with more than body weight and not to focus just on cardio. Many women I meet need to increase their strength and lean muscle mass to boost their metabolic rates.

I split programs over the week so you get better results and don’t over train. You need recovery (by not working a muscle) for results.

I also refuse to flog clients. It’s totally unnecessary. You will work hard – very hard – but it won’t feel like punishment. I want training to be a long-term, sustainable lifestyle choice for clients, not something that’s done sporadically.

Because I only have a few women in each session, I can tailor and personalise what we’re doing to suit your level. *I am also happy to work with clients with health issues – from autoimmune disorders to injury – let’s just have a discussion before you start. My job is to help you find modifications and a pace that suits you.

My role is to teach you all the basics or to help build on your current fitness base – stance, posture, activation, muscle names – and guide you from beginner through to independently training (if you want to). If you want to learn how to start to work on defining and sculpting your physique, come down.

You’ll love it. – Justine, Trainer


Your investment for a small group 1 hour session

1 x session $30

Bookings can be made via the website above– simply create yourself a profile and away you go. Bookings are essential. Class numbers are capped at 3.

Saturday Sesh - this is a bigger group, runs from Mason Gardens and is $15 per person. 7.15am

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